How not be to just another ethnic restaurant in Sydney

Sydney has a plethora of culinary talent – chefs from all over the world hope you will walk into their restaurant but so many of them fail.

They don’t fail in their food preparation or even its delivery. ¬†They fail to tell you that they exist so you never see them, or if you do, you think, another ethnic restaurant I’ll try some day.

The solution is surprisingly simple and cost-effective. Advertising. But where? The reason restaurants are conveniently placed in busy streets is because they hope they will be seen. This means they have large open windows. This is called advertising space!

But how to use this advertising space? You need a time limited offer. Why? Because if it isn’t limited, people will think I’ll get there sometime, it doesn’t matter when. And if you run a series of limited offers over a year, people will associate your restaurant with energy and will be attracted to it. How do i know this? Even McDonald’s engages in limited offers!

On Friday Bay Tinh restaurant asked me to promote their Valentine’s Day offering – by Sunday they had posters in their resurants and images on their website. So it doesn’t have to be time consuming and slow. But it has to be more than a black and white photocopied paper stuck to the glass which looks tacky and is difficult to read. Any poster should be legible from across the street, by people in cars or you are missing out on 90% of your potential audience.

Here are the posters and menus for Bay Tinh.
valentine-day-poster-crows-nest valentine-day-menu-crowsnest valentine-day-poster---marrickville valentine-day-menu-marrickville

Not only is the offer time limited but there is an additional incentive to book early – the first twenty reservations get chocolate “lips” from Belle Fleur Chocolaterie.

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