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  • The Red Clove Indian Restaurant, Seaforth

  • A Punjabi restaurant, the night before it opens, chaos, hopeful diners knocking on the door, staff unpacking boxes and I'm photographing meals for the website and mail outs. I wander in the kitchen and see gorgeous shiny clean copper bowls, water jugs and pans; they become the backdrop to my images [...]
  • The Grounds, Alexandria - smiling staff

  • Restauranteurs often want staff in photos but the staff aren't being paid to be photographed. They are being paid to be rushed off their feet, the meat between the chef and the customers, and don't always  want to smile at a photographer who is blinding them with a flash. So if you want staff to be [...]
  • Bay Tinh where?

  • Bay Tinh Restaurant took the plunge and established a second restaurant in Crows Nest this month - the Restaurant looks gorgeous, but how to find it since it isn't on the main restaurant drag, Willoughby Road? For the website, images were needed to make the Restaurant's location visible. First a l [...]
  • Website without a view?

  • Is your restaurant in a stunning location but your website keeps it a secret? It's amazing how many restaurants at Darling Harbour don't actually show their waterfront position on their website. Plate Restaurant at Darling Harbour will be different! Below is one of the scenic shots taken on 6 Nov 2 [...]